It’s Alive! The National Cat Day/Halloween Update

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3 min readOct 29, 2021
A zombie luneko! Does being a zombie cat count as a use of one of your nine lives?
Artwork via Anonymous

It’s been a while since the previous Medium post, and the LUNE community and project has undergone some noteworthy development in that gap! This National Cat Day post is just as much a covering points overdue for acknowledgement as it is discussing the future and ongoing plans for Luneko.

Market movement in the summer of LUNE’s launch has been unprecedented across the crypto space, and even our project managed to feel the ripples of it by breaching a new all-time-high pricing briefly during these surges. This has resulted in inquiry regarding what returns can be expected given a particular trading volume for LUNE. To help give a gist, we’ve compiled the graphic below.

Daily USD-value of LUNE’s redistribution rewards per daily volume and total market cap

The earnings posted are per 18,400 LUNE (0.1% of total supply) in possession. At time of writing, such a quantity’s approximately priced in USD at $184, up significantly from the launch week pricing of $2.90.

External forces have not been the only developments with LUNE: Our community has grown as well. LUNE now recently surpassed a festive 666 holders and has had some outstanding community contributions, including not only a member-created Luneko generator — more of which will be discussed below — but a bespoke second generation of Luneko from a fantastic community art contributor.

A zombie luneko! Does being a zombie cat count as a use of one of your nine lives?

These new artistic endeavors have resulted in a question present during Luneko’s original launch to become more prevalent: Where are the NFTs? On that matter, let’s talk about PawSwap. was acquired by the Luneko team shortly after Lune’s launch, initially as a distinct standby holding and later as the prospective position for Luneko’s own marketplace further along its developmental cycle. It is currently inactive.

With the steady adoption of NFTs in the greater cryptocurrency space, discussions began regarding whether or not individual Luneko would be released as one-off NFT instances separated from any greater integration with the project. While such occurrences might be decided upon by the community for promotional events, Lunekos as a tradeable and/or reproducing NFT species akin to the Ur-cryptofeline of Crypto Kitties and more recent projects, while requiring greater resources to develop, is the current topic of discussion.

Pawswap updates will become more frequent as its aims and developmental progress solidifies.

That is the last of the updates for now, and we look forward to keeping you posted a bit more frequently in the future! As always, feel free to get in touch with the community: — Our main website, providing direct links to trusted wallet providers. — Our official Telegram Chat. — Our official Discord Server. — Token Scanner — Our PancakeSwap exchange pairing link.



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