The Great Cat Collect-a-thon: NFT Release!

Luneko Medium
2 min readNov 14, 2021


Holiday season fast approaches, and the time for gathering appears to be an intergalactic phenomenon! The first Luneko has been spotted in the wild, this time as a limited series of ERC-721 tokens. The short of it is: There are NFTs now! The long of it is that they will pop up until the 25-feline cap is reached this year, with a second, wide-release series soon to follow.

Don’t think that the incoming fleet of cats from beyond the stars means that those being released with this announcement aren’t the bee’s knees: The original series of hand-drawn Luneko printed in limited supply (dubbed Luneko Prime) will bestow benefits to their owners come the wide release!

Instead of listing the 25 Luneko Prime for sale, these felines will find their initial owners by way of being gifted! They are to be distributed to members of our community as rewards for previous community participation and as prizes for upcoming developments! Be sure to join us at if you would like your chance at being one of the first owners!

Perhaps “companion” is a better word than “owner” in this case.

As we shift gears into greater activity, stay tuned for updates! Announcements will be increased to a minimum of weekly in frequency, with another likely to come this week when the first few NFT owners are rewarded!