The Great Migration: Luneko Lands on Arbitrum

Luneko Medium
1 min readApr 27, 2023

Luneko’s original launch utilized the Binance Smart Chain to help mitigate the expense of gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet at the time. In the time since that launch, things have changed — though ironically the gas fees were one of the more resistant things to change — and the development of Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum have manifested.

Likewise, certain elements of Luneko have also changed or needed issues addressed. A big one is reflections, which were deemed a paradoxical incentive. This is described in further detail in the revised white paper, now available on the project website ( Likewise in need of repair was a relic of the old contract: A burn function, though never utilized, that remained present in the code, and a taxation function that allowed for adjustments in the taxation value instead of simply switching a fixed rate tax on or off. Both of these issues have been addressed in out new contract, which is now on the Arbitrum chain.

Admittedly, this swap took a bit longer than intended.

With that, we’re proud to announce that starting on midnight of April 28th, trading will be going live on the Arbitrum One network via Camelot DEX. We’ll also be rolling out some other updates as things progress!