The Monday Moonpost — Luneko($LUNE)

Luneko Medium
2 min readMay 16, 2021

There’s been a plethora of animal-themed tokens across both the BSC and ETH networks in the past few weeks, and there’s no doubt been a good bit of time dedicated to figuring out which among the veritable petting crew of cryptocurrency newcomers is worth giving a forever-home. Today’s post is going to make the (possibly ever so slightly biased) case for the token offered by us at

Fair Launch, Limited Supply, Small Cap.

In a market where the token supply of your project numbers somewhere in the “gajillions”, the total supply for $LUNE is a considerably more modest one with ample opportunity for growth. A simple, Monero (XMR) — inspired 18,400,000 total supply was produced for the token, putting its per-token cost potential more in line with the traditional gang of cryptocurrencies hanging well over a dollar a pop. For a token with such a small market cap (still under a million at the time of writing), there’s a noteworthy breathing room when it comes to volume and the fully diluted market cap of the project. The entirety of the 18.4 million token supply was tossed into liquidity at launch, and that liquidity has been locked.

Tokenomics, or “Why Some Charts Look Funnier Than Others.”
As with several tokens in this new breed of DeFi darlings, $LUNE possesses a redistribution method. It also possesses the possibility within its currently locked contract to call for a token burn rate and fundraising efforts. This adaptability was taken into consideration after the issue of “At Launch Tokenomics” became apparent with other projects. In some cases, the systems that work best for growth on day 1 can become a weight around your ankles at day 100: With an adaptable contract and an active community relationship between the development team, issues in tokenomics can be directly addressed and worked on with the community proper.

Cuteness, or “I Just Think They’re Neat.”
There’s no denying that the aesthetic appeal of a token’s theming or mascot plays a role in how readily adoption takes place. In that regard, Luneko’s eponymous extraterrestrial felines are no slouch!

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Thanks for reading! We hope to watch the Earthrise with you from our moon clubhouse in the near future.



Luneko Medium — 18,400,000 Zero-tax cat coin, available on Arbitrum One!