The Year of the Tiger!

Luneko Medium
2 min readMar 6, 2022

It’s been a little while since the previous update, and the market has shifted around in the interim! We’ve since had our successful PlayStation®5 giveaway as well as the promotional launch of our NFTs! In that regard, there’s a bit of retracing we’ve since needed to do, and we’ve been active on our Telegram ( regarding our plans for the future with Luneko, largely what steps forward we need to take in terms of development for Luneko.

The first point of discussion regarding Luneko has been whether or not we should migrate to a new contract: This is largely to consolidate the various aspects of Luneko (NFTs, Prime Luneko, Regular Luneko) into a cleaner ERC-1155 contract that can handle all of the interactions without users needed to run transactions between multiple separate contracts. In this event, the proposed method of removing the remaining LUNE from the old contract from circulation would be a 1:1 conversion of the current LUNE to the new contract, at which point the old LUNE would be out of circulation and the existing LUNE liquidity moved to the augment the new contract’s liquidity pool.

And, independent of whether there is a new contract or we continue with the split contracts, there is the matter of the NFT generation! Previous NFTs (Prime Luneko) are fully unique in that they are hand drawn one-by-one. The wider release Luneko NFTs would be generated, in which case a more standardized construction format will be needed.

These changes will be finalized and implemented before our next listing run. Be sure to stay tuned!